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About MediInc Corp

About us

MediInc Corp, the Company based in New York offers complete revenue cycle management by a team comprising of professionals.

Our services are tailored to meet the needs of each client. Regardless of the size of your practice, be it solo practitioner or large multi-specialty physician group, we have the expertise and resources to handle the operations efficiently to increase your cash flow, reduce your operational expenses, and improve the level of your patient satisfaction.

Our team

Highly trained professionals are the back bone, specialized in each component of the revenue cycle management providing comprehensive billing management for many physicians throughout the United States. Our Professionals excel in timely delivery of service, integrity of patient information and maintain quality in service with utmost patient and physician satisfaction making dedicated service the hallmark of MediInc Corp.

Company overview

Our healthcare industry services and support are simple, affordable and customized. Updated comprehensive billing solution provided by professionals based on current changes in health care law. Our dedication and ability to solve the complexities of billing enables our clients to pursue excellence in the healthcare delivery. We thrive on getting your claims efficiently processed and quickly paid to you as possible as we won’t be paid until you get paid.

Medical Billing Process